The 25 and 79 Days

Hey Humans,

It has been 25 days since I last blogged. Definitely too long. But here I am! Hey! 

There are 79 days until my book is released. That's weird right? I'd definitely be lying if I said I wasn't freaked out by that whenever I think about it. On the way to work this morning (driven by my mom, of course... I need to get my license soon I GUESS) my mom and I talked about writing. And how hard it used to be. From pen and ink (which is a nightmare) to the typewriter (also a nightmare). And now it's just so easy. Anyone with a story can sit down and write one.

It's really all about that. Writing it. Once you have it, the hard part begins. But you can't go anywhere without writing it. So right now, I'd say to anyone reading this who might have a story in their fingertips to write it.

You've probably heard this a bazillion times. But just because everyone says it, doesn't mean it's any less valuable. REALLY the worst thing any writer can do is to not write. Because your brain makes habits. And if you don't write, you will continue to not write and so forth. But the opposite is also true.

It only gets easier. And more and more fun.

Writing should be fun for a writer, and here comes my lecture. You never have to write. That word is annoying. "Oh but I have to." NO YOU DON'T! Unless you're writing an essay for school, you don't HAVE to write. You should, maybe. Maybe you feel like you have to but you don't. As soon as you start writing because you have to, it stops being fun! And where's the fun in that?? ;)

So, even if you're writing something right now (maybe a story you have plans for or something) and you feel obligated to write it, instead of happy to write it, then stop. Not forever, and not for very long. But, personally, my writing sounds WAY BETTER when I want to write what I am writing. It's really that simple. So if you don't want to write what you're writing anymore, do yourself (and your story) a favor and take a break.

Now. There is an issue with this. Oftentimes, when I "take a break" I end up never returning. But this is completely avoidable. If you feel yourself losing interest in your story (or even just not enjoying it as much as you used to) it's helpful to take a break. Give yourself a set amount of time! And when you come back... do something fun. Like WOW yourself. Do the opposite of what you think is going to happen.

Planning is dangerous. A double-edged sword. Yes, planning is good. It gives you a good idea of what will happen. But in writing, that can quickly lead to boredom. Because you know what's going to happen! So do something unexpected. Shock yourself. Trust me, it's doable. It's quite easy, and very fun

Worst case scenario, you decide you don't like what you've done and hit the "delete" button. Easy. Done. Computers. Yay. No white out, no typewriters. Delete. *happy dance*

So that's my simple warning. Don't get bored. Boredom is death! ;)

Also, if all else fails, write something else. No writing is ever wasted, right? So write something else. Aside from my own book, I've written about time travel in two different ways (one of them including like a million different realities), a clone, a group of kids in some weird place (I really don't know what was happening there...), and a person who could split themselves into two separate copies of themselves. No reasons for any of those stories at all. But fun. Very fun most of them.

So! Basically summing up this blog... Have fun when you write. Always. No matter what. Find the fun anywhere you can!!

Alright that's all. Love to all.

Have fun. 




Writing is hard!! Don't let anyone tell you it isn't. If you're a writer then AWESOME! It's not little. A lot of people (including me) don't think much of writing as a talent but it is!

Not everyone can write so if you can then you're awesome. I want to read what you write. And I'm not the only one, trust me. A lot of people like to read writing. Especially your friends. It's cool reading things your friends have written! You can listen for their voice in their characters and other cool stuff. 

Anyways. Not really a rant... Although I did talk in all caps once. ;) So I guess it's good. 

Write something. You can do it. You're awesome.

Conclude Rant.

Comment below. ;)