Yep. Still here.

Hey Humans,

Here's hoping I have some people out there who were wondering when I would post next... lol. Well, if you're out there, I'll give you a heads up. I'm planning to blog on Mondays and Fridays. ;)

So since there are those of you who weren't able to read my last rant because you haven't seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story yet (I'm trusting you still haven't read it) I'm gunna try to make my blog a little more interesting today and the days to come.

But I need your help.

I need topics. I know, I'm a writer, everything I write should just flow from my fingers like I'm sitting at a piano, with effortlessness and grace, but no. That's not how it works. Lol. So... now that I have my comments feature working, you readers who didn't yet comment... have no excuses not to now. Comment to give me blogging topics! Comment to say you love me because I'm wonderful. Comment to say you disagree totally with my opinion because you think it's illogical and badly informed. Great! I love input. lol. Comments make me happy. COMMENT! lol. (FYI "There is a mute button and I will use it!" XD)

So before moving on to our basic subject of the day... I'm gunna let you guys know that I'm now on Twitter... yes indeed, it is true. And I have a whopping 27 followers now. *Bows* Yes thank you very much. XD

But it's #fun since I knew #nothing about #Twitter and now I'm having too much #fun with the #hashtags. #lol #funny #hahahahahaha. 

Sorry. XD And I apologize to all the Twitter fans out there... but what is with Hashtags? Okay, yes, I do understand the actual use of them... but they're so overused omgosh. And now it's like you add a #hashtag to any #word and you get #followers and become #cool.

Umm... what happened to the content? People write anything and everything on Twitter, and it seems to have little or no effect on what kind of people like and/or follow them. That kinda hurts as a writer. I want the stuff I write to be the stuff that people look at and like (and yes, follow. lol). Writing is what I do. And as much as it freaks me out to let people read the stuff I write... I really want it to be read by someone who understands that I write because it's what I want to do. By someone who understands that the things I write are things that I've created and, yes, I do treasure the things I write. Because they're mine. I wrote them. They came from my three pounds of grey and white matter and they're cool... Not to brag, but I love the worlds I have created. I love the characters even more. And I love them because I actually created them. That's super weird to me! It's like making an entire universe of possibilities and creating the people that live in it, and then dictating their lives, and possibly deaths, from a computer. That's freaky.

I should write a book about that...

Hang on, wait, back to #Twitter. I have more to say about it yet...

What is with 140 characters max??? That's just ridiculous. lol. If you've read my blog you know something about me that I've never physically said: I'm wordy. I love words. I can talk for days, write stuff like this for days and never get bored.

But 140 characters?? It hurts my soul. I want to talk and write. I'm on Twitter... but I wouldn't call what I do on Twitter Tweeting. It's more like Trying-to-say-everything-I-want-to-say-in-140-characters-and-not-exactly-succeeding-ing. #hard. #writerslife. XD Okay maybe I'm a little excited about my first social media page... maybe.

Okay, moving on past Twitter. lol. Today I want to talk about something fun. There is so much more to talk about Marvel and Star Wars, but since this is only my third blog, I should probably branch out into new subjects before returning to the old. Sigh. Fine.

Okay. Lord of the Rings (Going to abbreviate that LotR because thats a long title). I seriously hope everyone reading this has seen AT LEAST the Fellowship of the Ring (FotR). *note: If you have not... omgosh, just go watch it before I freak out. If you haven't watched it... well sigh. I'll keep the spoilers for the Rant section. XD

I think it's safe to say that the LotR Trilogy is ONE OF my favorite movie series. But like I said in My First Blog, you can't ask me what my favorite movie is or my head will explode. lol.

Favorite character in LotR... can I cry? This question is physical torture, omgosh IDK!!

You're gunna make me chose?

For real?

-_-..... fine.

UGH!! IDK!! Why are you doing this to me??? :( Okay... Maaaaaybe Aragorn...  AAAHH omgosh this is too hard! I love Samwise... and Legolas and Gimli... This is killing me. Idk. Can we just say Aragorn but you don't force me to stay with that forever, because tomorrow it might be Legolas again... sound ok? Yay. lol.

Favorite Middle-Earth Location... hmm... That's actually tough because I like a lot of different things about different places for different reasons. I love the Shire (esp. Hobbiton) because it's so peaceful and cute. I love Rivendell because... well it's Rivendell (duh). I love Lothlórien because those trees omgosh and the spiral houses in the trees are awesome! Uh... Rohan is Rohan! Love their style... and the horses! Omgosh, Shadowfax is the coolest... (am I the only one who doesn't picture a white horse?) but Hasufel and Arod are pretty cool themselves, lol. And I love the Rohirrim. They are soooo cool, guys. Lol. I love Gondor too. Denethor just destroyed the image of Gondor though! If it hadn't been for Faramir and Aragorn (just being awesome and, oh you know, saving everyone), I don't know if Gondor would have made it up onto this list.

Obviously I hate everything about Mordor. lol.

So the verdict.... sigh.... my favorite Middle-Earth location... sigh. I'm gunna have to go with Rivendell.

COMMENT... and let me know if you agree. ;)



Okay, so I'm ranting now. lol. Boromir and Faramir are the sweetest brothers. Like really. Boromir is so supportive of Faramir and so optimistic that Denethor (*growl*... I don't like him very much) will stop being such a jerk and actually appreciate his younger son. And Faramir is just sweet. He's trying so hard to live up to this shining legend that Boromir was. But it's so not fair, because Faramir is up against forces of Mordor that are stronger now then they were when Boromir retook Osgiliath (if you've read the books you probably know what I'm talking about, but if you haven't, you're probably totally lost unless you've seen the Extended Edition of the Two Towers). But Denethor's just a jerk. Like really. Yeah, yeah, I get that he's in grief about Borormir dying and stuff, but that neither justifies his actions to Faramir before Borormir's death, nor gives allowance to him to say that he wishes Faramir was dead and Boromir had lived.

That's just harsh, man.

I mean, no one can hate you for thinking that... It's not cool, but if he were to secretly wish that Boromir were alive instead of Faramir... that's his problem. He believes Boromir to be the hero Gondor needs. It makes a tiny bit of sense, a tiny bit, but it's just not true. Faramir was a great Captain and would have made an excellent Steward. He's one of my favorite characters in the Two Towers and Return of the King. But again, Denethor. If he were to secretly wish that... whatever. but to have the hard-hearted, hatred and cold, emotionless resolve to say that... to Faramir's face? That is wrong on so many different levels. 

Especially since Faramir is literally about to go on a mission that could save you, Denethor, and your beautiful White City. A mission that he wasn't expected to return from. That's wrong. Even if you hated him with every last breath you breathed, you could at least wish him well! "Yeah, Faramir, I hate you, but I have the decency as a Steward of the Throne.... basically a KING, to say I hope you don't die out there in defense of my Kingdom."

Too much to ask, Denethor?

Conclude Rant. Let me know if you agree...

By commenting...