Friday (well, Saturday... oops)

Hey Humans,

So today I was going to try to write about a day in my life when I realized, every day is a totally different story. If you wanted to know what my life is like... taking it one day at a time just wouldn't cut it. The story I'd write would depend on the day of the week, the week of the month, the month and of course me.

For example... yesterday I slept until my mom woke me with an "Are you alive?" at 8:40 a.m. I ate Eggo Waffles for breakfast (With boysenberry syrup. You know you want some). This morning I woke up about four times. Once at 3, once at 4, once at 6, and finally with my alarm at 6:40, showering (I know, I'm a teen, it's a miracle) before a breakfast of eggs and cinnamon toast.

Everything depends on everything else. It's like the butterfly effect, right? A butterfly flapping its wings in South America and can effect the weather in Central Park (I feel like that's kinda extreme though, right? I mean maybe a bug not flying that way could stop a company from going bankrupt... {HUMANS, I reeeeaaallly want to see you put those two things together. I'd like to see your ideas ;) Leave them in the comments!} But effecting the weather??? Wow...).

So... if I were to give you a basic idea of my life... I'd say busy, but not chaotic (usually). Hard, but worth it (usually). Exhausting, but productive (usually). Happy, but not air headed (usually) and safe, but not boring (usually). But that's not a very good expression of my life (usually).

Anyone think I used "usually" too much? 

I don't think so.

My life is sometimes so busy it becomes chaotic. My life is sometimes hard and once it gets easier, I look back and say "Um... that wasn't even worth it... sigh." *note: usually if something is hard and not worth it... I'm doing something wrong. Lol. Sometimes I'm exhausted with little to show for it, and sometimes I have my head in the clouds. Other times I'm literally bored to tears. But none of those things come together in a way that is enough to express a life. 

It's kind of a fun thought though. Thinking about your life... could you really express everything you wanted to in a blog this size? I can't (sorry, Jan, XD). One day, maybe I'll be able to. But so far? Yeah, no. Lol.

I think that's why biographies are more common than autobiographies. 

Anyways... since I've already dealt with one (of two... lol) of the subjects i've been suggested in comments... On Monday, I'm going to talk about the zombie apocalypse... XD

No, I'm not really a zombie person... But I am a storyteller. I'm sure I can make something up. XD Speaking of storytelling, I heard the coolest idea on the 19th. "Steal the name from a book you've never read, and make up your own story." LOVE that idea. Possibly because I do it all the time in my head. But never in a very detailed manner. I think it would be so fun. 

Say there was a book called... "Yes. I did it."

Think about what story you think this book contains.

No, really think. Take a second. I have all day. ;)

The first thing you thought of might have been some sort of achievement. As in "YES! I did it!!". Of course... now it's your story to make up who is exclaiming and what they accomplished. Sounds like a fun book. Probably a kids story, but not necessarily!

But... then again, you might have heard "Yes. I did it." Like someone confessing. Who? That's yours to decide. As is the it they're referring to.

Dangerous games, these book ideas. Personally, the first thing I thought of was the confession (likely criminal, but not necessarily). What was the first thing you thought of? 

So... Jan, I think this entry is not quite what you envisioned... though I did talk about what I ate for breakfast. ;) But anyways, It's hard to write about your life.


But not necessarily. 

Lol. Okay, I'm done for the day. Hope you enjoy what remains of yours. :D



Okay! I have a rant, because I always do.

I'M NOT READY FOR EASTER BREAK TO END! AHH SUMMER CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH FOR ME (well actually it can because I hate being hot and it can get really really hot here. But it's already really really hot here, AND I still have school -_-).

WHY why why... can't we just have the school year like... three weeks long. Let's have a school MONTH! That sounds great. XD Or at least every other month. So have school January, March, May, July, September, November and NOTHING the rest of the time. HAHA this is a great idea. Why have I never thought of this before??? We'd have six months of school instead of nine. Which is awesome. XD

Sigh. I don't actually hate school.

I hate the idea of school more than I actually hate school. XD I do things like that a lot.

We should still have less school.

Conclude Rant. 

Comment below to let me know if you agree (and to share your stories and stuff!! :D).