The End of Easter Break

Hey Humans,

My Easter break ended on the 21st. I had my first day of class on Wednesday. 

I don't dislike school. I do, however, greatly enjoy not doing school. 

But that's not my focus for today. 

My focus today is I've been attempting to put myself on a regular schedule.

Sleep 8 hours and 15 minutes. Actually get up out of bed, dress for a bike ride, then ride my bike for 30 minutes to an hour.

It's been three whole days of that and already...

...I'm done. 

When my happy little alarm went off this morning I wanted to yell, "NO! Go away, I'm sleeping!!" [see scene from movie The Help, when mom wakes Skeeter from nap].

But that would have been weird since clocks are, well, clocks and yeah, it would have just been weird.

I don't know if I like schedules as much as I love the IDEA of them. The IDEA is that you can write out a list of things you want to do, give them time frames in which to be completed and thus accomplish your day in a neat, orderly way. In theory schedules are great!

Only thing is, I can't seem to keep to one. Not in reality.

This semiweekly blogging schedule? Totally different. Not a problem at all. 

But a daily schedule? 

Forget about it.

That is hard. I don't know if I've ever been able to keep one, try as I might! Then again, I AM only 15.

I guess it's fine. I don't need a schedule to have a productive day [See: Minimalist the movie].

Which brings me to next point. I now have only 15 pages in my second book. I'm waiting for the Writing Rush. That day or week when everything seems so wonderful and perfect and thousands of words just flow. It's coming... aaaany second now. I can feel it! Or...maybe I just made that up. Maybe that doesn't even exist.

What's super frustrating is that I wrote my first book in a semester. ONE SEMESTER!! I'm not bragging, forgive me if it sounds that way. I'm just sincerely asking: "Whhyyyy is this one taking me so long??"

This is not how I had it scheduled!

I didn't think I wrote well under pressure, but maybe I do. Perhaps the promise of a good grade in the class was the incentive I needed for that first manuscript. Maybe.

But, I AM writing. Slowly but surely. I can do this!

So, here I am, on my sofa typing away... my hair semi-damp from shower earlier, post the aforementioned bike ride.

It was a lovely ride. A little shorter than usual, but I was tired! (Did I mention this was my THIRD a ROW?!) And it is COLD out there in the mornings. Cold, I tell you. My fingers were frozen!

Yesterday it was even colder. And I didn't wear any gloves. That was painful.  So today I decided to stay warm by wearing finger gloves. The kind of gloves that only cover the palms of hands. Yeah, that's all fine and dandy, except FINGER gloves do absolutely nothing to keep your FINGERS warm. Not my smartest moment. Lol!

Even with the my favorite gloves, yes, my fingers froze. Brr. 

So! Now that we have a little bit of normal human content up there (as an introvert I hear that's what normal people want! Lol), I'm gunna go full Nerd-ish on you. 

BBC Sherlock.

I have no words for you if you haven't seen it yet. PLEASE, do yourself a huge favor and go watch it, it's wonderful. And you won't have to wait three years for season four... *glare* I'll save that or the rant section. 

If you're a living human above the age of 6, you know who Sherlock Holmes is. BBC Sherlock takes place in the modern day (which I love because... Sigh. A lot of reasons that would make a very long explanation, especially for one inside parentheses). Sherlock is considered, both by himself and others, to be a High-Functioning Sociopath (NOT a Psychopath. There IS a difference. Look it up. He will correct you on this point as I have, and so will about 2 billion other Sherlock fans).

The title character, played by the marvelous Benedict Cumberbatch, is a high-energy, secretive, overly-clever, irritatingly perceptive, completely inconsiderate Consulting Detective who is almost always right, and never admits it when he isn't.

You're probably thinking "Um... he sounds like a jerk." Well, he is. "Then why do I want to watch it?"

The answer is quite simple, really. I normally wouldn't want to watch it with a description like that, either. He sounds massively unpleasant which he most often times tends to be...BUT! There is more to him then meets the eye.

Behind all his rudeness and HORRIBLE timing, he really is a good person, who cares very deeply about his friends, namely John Watson, played marvellously by Martin Freeman, who possibly has THE most hilarious reaction face ever; his brother Mycroft, whom he claims is his "Arch-Enemy",  his landlady Mrs. Hudson, who is the sweetest woman in London, I'm sure, aside from her sordid past as drug lords' wife. And...the adorable little mortician named Molly, who has a tendency to be forgotten... 

I'm not going to convince you to pardon Sherlock for all his horrible behaviour because I'm not sure everything he does CAN be pardoned. Perhaps he's not particularly enigmatic, but he's at least labyrinthine (hehe, I'm just using big words because thinking about Sherlock makes me feel very English and clever, or, more accurately pronounced "clevah", if we're gunna go all British...).

The show is brilliant and absolutely hilarious. Each episode is feature length, so taking it slowly is advised. 

Trust me. You won't regret it.

And know it's completely okay to hate Sherlock in some of the episodes. You wouldn't be human if you didn't. And I think sometimes that's the point: To know we can love and at the same time hate people in our lives, just as they can with us. Like Sherlock, we are indeed only human.

It truly is one of my favorite shows, and I guarantee you'll love it, if you are a nerd like me.

Now go. Watch.

 Ooookay, I'm gunna stop here for the day. Love to you all!



Sigh. Now's ranting time.

There are currently four seasons of Sherlock, each one is wonderful. Don't get me wrong, BUT, Inbetween season 1, 2 and 3, there was the reasonable span of about a year. BUT inbetween 3 and 4, THERE WAS A 3 YEAR GAP!! What? Yeah! They tried to make up for it by releasing a feature film in 2016, but that was STILL 2 years after season 3 and then they delayed season 4 even further. Infuriatingly long wait.

I was very upset. Very very. (But also note: I WAITED! Yes, it's THAT good).

And they were LUCKY I was so impressed with the first 3 season or else I might not have had the patience for the wait. (Who am I trying to kid...I would have waited another 2 more years if need be!)

Season 4 proved itself to be well worth it.


That doesn't change the fact that it was an IRRITATINGLY LONG WAIT!

The good news for YOU is if you start watching it now, YOU wont have to wait, which kinda bugs me in a friend kind of a way. The first 3 seasons and the Feature Film are on Netflix, while I don't believe season 4 has made it there yet. It will come, fret not. Lol.

Conclude Rant.

If you've seen Sherlock, you know you agree!!

Comment below!!