My First Blog

Hey Humans,

As the title suggests, this is my first blog. Ever actually. I have no clue how to do this, so here goes. 

So, yesterday it rained. And rained and rained and rained. But it was the last day of school for me before a two week Easter Break. Needless to say, the rain was not dampening in the least. Today it's still raining; but not nearly as hard.

I am tired! I had no idea what went into publishing a book, and boy, was I in for a surprise. But this is fun. I won't be the one to warn anyone away from publishing just because it's not a walk in the park. It's not. But if you have a book, the will, and the way, go for it. It's a heck of a ride.

Here I am talking like I've actually published anything yet... Release date is November 1st btw... ;) 

So anyway... blogging... blogging blogging blogging... Probably should talk about myself a little, right? Sigh.

First thing's first. I'm a huge nerd and a total dork. Just gunna lead with that. Favorite things include Marvel Comics, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings (that's leaving out BBC Sherlock, Hunger Games, Divergent Series, and... oh my gosh TED DEKKER PLEASE!) *note: Anyone who has not read Ted Dekker's Circle Series needs to buy it RIGHT NOW and read it. GO! I'll wait..

You back? Okay.

Second thing, I am a Homeschooler (probably could have just thrown that in with the "total dork" section... hmm). I attend a Homeschool Support Group, and all my classmates get along. I find the anomalous quality of that to be odd. Why are school yards so hostile? I mean really. Drama is immature. Junior-High and High-Schoolers need to grow up. Become a nerd, we're very friendly (unless you talk badly about Marvel, Star Wars, LotR, Sherlock, Hunger Games, Divergent or Ted Dekker. In that case beware). *note: Totally kidding btw... or am I...?

The third thing isn't really a thing... idk. Third thing is that I'm totally proud of Things One and Two and intend to remain so (haha, Dr. Seuss reference not intended... lol).

Number Four, I'm a Christian. Proud of that, too. Not sorry if that offends you, but I promise I won't be a preacher. I love all of you if you're reading this, no matter what you believe in. I appreciate your opinions too.

Lets make a deal... I won't try to talk you into being a Christian if you don't try to talk me out of it. Sound good? Yay. Good to know.

Aaaaanyways, moving past thing four, number five is my favorite...


No I'm serious. Number Five is my favorite number. Idk why... maybe it was because when I attended a private school I had an assigned number... long story... lol... and it was five. Maybe it's because five is the number of fingers on each hand... maybe it's because Five is the Third Prime number (in the positive realm) and I like the number Three, too...

I like math.

Favorite Movie... O_o.... Don't ask me that, my brain will explode, oh my gosh!

Favorite Book... Uhh sorry, thought I already said anything by Ted Dekker...??? lol.

Favorite Band... TWENTY ØNE PILØTS!!

Favorite Song... Hmmm.... that's hard. I'm a TWENTY ØNE PILØTS fan (as I just said like two seconds ago...), so pretty much anything of theirs or Tyler's between the album No Phun Intended and the album Blurryface (that's all of it if you didn't know already :P).

Moving on...

Favorite... hmm... favorite what... I'm out of favorites. Blue is my favorite color, probably... but I really don't know. I've been asking myself that question for years. I'm perfectly serious about that. Years.

Do you guys really care about my least favorite things? Hmm... doubt it. There is so much in the world people don't like. It's probably best to try to talk about the things we actually do like.

I like puppies. And kittens and ice cream and CHOCOLATE and omgosh Ritz Crackers and CheezIts... sigh...

I also love rain. It makes me happy and reeeaaally sleepy.

I love Irish music. McMahon. Lol. It's about as Irish as they come.

I envy the Elves in Imladris, aka Rivendell, and Lothlórian almost as much as the Hobbits in Hobbiton (gotta visit Bag-End one day... wish list Top Ten at least). I also ADORE 221B Baker Street in Sherlock. Omgosh the place is SUCH a wreck, but I could live there... 

Favorite Marvel Superhero... You can't do that to me... sigh... I DON'T KNOW!! AHHH!! Probably Steve Rogers... No Iron Man... Wait definitely Black Widow... NO oops, Hawkeye for sure. AHH I FORGOT ABOUT THOR, yeah he's my favorite. Hang on, no, the Hulk is. NO Vision, I love him. AND OH Scarlet Witch. Gotta love the molecular polarity manipulating..... okay I'm kidding I'm really not positive what they call what she does.

Okay, Quicksilver. ;)

*Spoiler Alert For Avengers: Age of Ultron* 

Sigh... I seriously can't believe they killed him. That was just cold. And wrong. "You didn't see that coming..." Sigh... Well no, actually I didn't.


Favorite Marvel SuperVillain... Easily Loki. Easily. He's my favorite character in The Avengers, I'm so not kidding.

Okay... I should stop. I can write forever. ;)

 If you have any questions you want me to answer about me, or details about my Book, please comment, I promise to read them as soon as I can. :)


P.s. Okay, so I think I'm going to have a P.S. Rant section down here... hehehe... this will be fun. :D


Don't worry... I totally don't condone Loki. What he did in Stuttgart was very not okay. In fact pretty much everything he does is Un-okay, but still! I adore him. And to be fair, Odin deserves some (just a little...) of the blame, right? I mean COME ON, man, if you're GOING to adopt a kid from Jotunheim, at least don't CONSTANTLY tell him he was born to be a king. I mean that's basically setting him up for failure. "Only one of you can ascend to the throne, but both of you were born to be kings." Okay... possibly could be some kind of reference to the fact that he was going to be king of Jotunheim as the son of Laufey, but REALLY?? The way that statement is laid out really seems like "Oh I'm watching both of you and whichever proves himself more worthy, I'll give the throne," when really he has no intention of giving Loki the throne no matter how worthy he proves himself to be, which he obviously did not, but hear me out. Sigh...

Come on, Odin. Did you really think Loki wouldn't grow up to hate you and at least resent Thor??? Plus Loki's older. So when he keeps going on and on and on about his "Birthright" it's because IF Odin has truly accepted him as his son as he CLAIMS HE HAS, then he, as oldest, would ascend to the throne regardless of worthiness.

Sigh, Odin. Just sigh.

Conclude Rant. Let me know if you agree... ;)