One Day...

Hey Humans,

Happy Monday!!

Sigh...I've decided,

One day... homework WILL kill me.

I know it. I just know my soul.

It's a not matter of if, but when. Until then...heavy sigh.

One day...

I'll climb that perfectly shaped hill in my town. Then One day I'll climb the one in the next town over. One day I'll swim three laps across our pool with only one breath. One day I'll read every Ted Dekker book ever written (a day to which I'm not  looking forward because *CRY* THERE WON'T BE ANY MORE!!). One day I'll bury myself VERTICALLY to my neck in sand where the waves will hit me. One day I'll skydive (MAYBE!). One day I'll ride my bike all 21 miles to church (oh my gosh, tired just THINKING about that). One day I'll write a 400 page book and freak out about it. One day all of that will happen.

One day.

I find it weird that I really, really, really, REALLY don't ever want to climb Mount Everest. In fact if you ever find me there something very horrible has happened! And yet, as I look at the hills we drive by I wonder if I could climb them. Sometimes I actually check for barbed wire fences around the base of these hills to see if it's accessible. Hey, I'm a homeschooler. I don't jump over fences.... most of the time... ;)

You'd think I'd want to climb Mt Everest. Like every kid wants to be an astronaut, every Random Teenager Who Wants To Climb Random Hills, must OBVIOUSLY want to climb Everest.

... ... ...

Nope. I don't. Not even for a second.

I realized that when One Day I watched the movie Everest. If you can't think of a movie to watch then let me strongly recommend this 2015 flick starring Kirera Knightly & Emily Watson along with other recognizable stars. You really need to watch it. Like really. That movie was HORRIBLE. I mean it was a great movie! But they made everyone look REALLY COLD and miserable way too well. So it truly was a great deterrent to wanting to scale Everest... XD (Answer to all of problems in movie? Remember this phrase:


Aaaanyways....Onto my other One Day goals.

I'm a pretty good swimmer. Our pool isn't even that big. But... um... three laps? I can make one and a half in one breath if I let my vision get a little blurry. note* I'm totally kidding. I come up for air way before then, just in case you were worried about my physical safety. I'd still like to make that goal.     One Day I will.

Next. SIGH, Hopefully I  will N E V ER run out of Ted Dekker books, but... *sniffle* it probably will happen. Let that particular One Day come years & years from now. please and thank you.

As for the burying-myself-in-sand thing... well I saw a picture on the internet and there were two teenagers buried in sand about to get SQUASHED by this GIANT WAVE and I was all "YES I have to do that!!"

What does that say about my logical reasoning that the picture was found in a slideshow titled "Photos Taken Milliseconds Before a Disaster"?

Hmm... I dunno. Anyhoo....

Ugh... I don't even know WHY I doomed One (poor, innocent, little) Day to riding my bike all the way to church... Let's not talk about that...

About that 400 page book, though... I could do that.  Its going to be an awesome story, too.

There's one thing with me and my stories, however. Often times... I figure out a cool Middle Section of the story. But I have to start the story at the beginning.

You're asking "But, why, Helen? Can't you start at the middle and then go back to the beginning?"

Well, that's what I used to think. I can't do that because I always end up with a bunch of random scenes that seem to have little or no relation to each other. Plus, I don't know anything about the characters! 

Back to what I was saying... Once I have this Cool Middle Section... I go back to the beginning of course and begin to write. More recently, I've been able to create a good beginning. "Well, what's the problem then," you ask?

Well, the new problem is connecting this good beginning with the cool idea for the Middle Part. And of course writing the middle part and making sure it says what I want it to say and have it sound the way I want it to sound.

And then there's the ominous ending...

Sigh. Heavy, HEAVY sigh.

Usually I know what I want to happen at the end of the story ... but (if I even got past connecting the beginning and middle) it can be even harder to connect the middle to a satisfying ending.

So, the result of all of this is about... ehhh 20 pages or so... of a good sounding story... that almost as soon as it begins, starts to have a life of its own. And sometimes a rather bland life at that. Even if it sounds good and is interesting to the READER... as the WRITER... Well, keeping focused through the valleys is hopefully just a normal phase of novel writing. Like flying to Paris! The idea is great, and the landing in the City of Lights is breathtaking, but the 12 hour flight is a drag. By the way, I took my first steps as a baby in the Louvre in Paris. Who else can say THAT?!!

But I think 400 pages isn't out of the question!!

And if I do get that many pages, then I'll be super pleased. Odds are it will be an amazingly interesting story if it keeps me riveted to 400 of my own pages. Lol

One day very soon, I'll definitely write a story like that...


Do you guys have any random "One Day..."?

I'd love to hear them in the comments! 



Again... One day homework will kill me.


Don't laugh.

Okay, fine. You can laugh. Because I am actually very funny.

Still. Homework... *glare*

One day... 


Conclude Rant

Comment to let me know if you agree. :)