Hey Humans,

SUMMER!! I am so... so, so, so happy!! I have no school until September. AH. I'm just. So. Happy. :D 

Buuuut, I'm sure you all are happy (or are going to be happy in the next week or so) so, we won't dwell on the fact of the wonderful awesomeness and bliss of summer break. Not for too long anyway... hehe.

I like donuts. I really do. I had two for breakfast this morning. No shame here!

I'm fifteen for goodness sake!! I can eat DONUTS!! XD (yes. plural. DonutS!!!)

I love sweets in general, a trait I certainly get more from my dad than my mom. And I rarely-- yes, I mean rarely-- get that feeling... when you know you've had too much sweets and your throat feels kinda tingly, and you really should stop...

Yeah, I don't get that. Well... very rarely. I'm glad and not glad about that. Glad, because that means I can eat more sugar and not feel uncomfortable. Not glad because... well, yeah I do know that sugar is not good for me.

Sigh, dilemmas.

Aaaanyways... with regard to past entries... SEASON FOUR OF SHERLOCK IS NOW ON NETFLIX. AH. Go watch it. Right now. I will wait.

I have until September in fact... ;)

I act like summer is going to be super easy... but I have like two books to work on (and hopefully complete...) Sigh. That will be fun... but not super easy. And regardless, I'm still glad summer is finally here.

The weird part about this particular morning was waking up---the very first day of summer break---looking outside, and seeing overcast weather. Like the world was drowsy and dripping. As if a shroud had been lowered over the perfect blue skies of yesterday, replacing them with the soft, vaporous grayness of rain.

But who am I kidding?? It didn't rain. It was just cold and cloudy. XD At least it's cleared up a little. I love rain. I love clouds. But if it's going to be cold and cloudy... it had better rain. Or else it's just cold and cloudy, which is somewhat unpleasant.

Okay. Something important...

And since I know that most of my readers are out of school...feel free to give me input.

I'm waiting. ;)

Ok, FaceBook bothers me. I've decided. Twitter does too. They're both great ideas... but there are so many issues, glitches and just oh my gosh I WANT TO POST A PICTURE WHAT IS THE PROBLEM???-problems.

What I should really do... yeah I'm gunna try that. This is my Twitter handle btw... It just recently occurred to me that I'd never shared it, haha.


Moving on...

Next subject: What comes to your mind when I say "peaceful"? How about "churn"? What about "smooth"? Anything particular come with the word "clear"?

Anyone see a stream or something?

Isn't it interesting how adjectives form things? Why did your mind put those four together? I never said you were supposed to think about them together. But did you? Maybe you didn't. But you probably did, huh?

What would you do if said that "peaceful" was referring to music? And that "churn" referred to clouds over my perfect blue skies? Smooth was in reference to chocolate (obviously), and "clear" had nothing to do with water at all.

And yet.. with all those separate words, which mean a dozen different things... because I said them all within the same of a paragraph... they were put together into a meaning. The image you conjured cannot only be "smooth" but it must also be peaceful, yet churning. Even though I never said that.

That's how I want to be able to write. And I'm working on it. I love having images instilled without the outright revelation. That way it feels more like a discovery.

Alright. I'm gunna call it good for today.

Please offer some topic suggestions!! I'll be happy to try them out!




OKAY!! Twitter.

This rant won't be long but ohhhh I have some things to say!

I tweet about cool stuff sometimes. I tweet about movies, and books and all that. I get maybe one like on those things. I post a GIF with an otter scraping it's nose, or Toothless the Dragon wiggling his, and *BAM* 500 impressions and five times the likes.


Guess I don't post enough otters and dragons...

Funny thought.

Conclude rant. Comment below.

Love to all.