Tick Tock

Hey Humans,

Tick tock.

It's 6:30 on Friday night and I haven't blogged yet. Aaah!! So now I am.

I chose the title Tick Tock for a number of reasons. One of them being that it's... now 6:33 on Friday. The other reasons I'll get to in a bit.

IT'S ALMOST SUMMER OH MY GOSH I'M SO EXCITED. I'm not taking any summer classes so I'm like girl-braveheart yelling,"FREEDOM!!!" XD

I'm gunna go swiiiiming... and sleeeeeping... and doing noooothing... and watching mooovies... Like Sherrrrlock.... and Lord of the Riiiings... and Star Warrrrs...

And, OMGOSH May the 4th Be With You guys, btw... as of yesterday... little late.

Tick tock. 

Is May the 4th technically National Star Wars Day... or did all the fans just make it up and it's not actually real (in which case I cry)? I'm gunna look it up...

Okay it's actually a thing. We can go on living...XD

UGH! Everything wonderful is getting old. It's true! This isn't to say there aren't awesome new things... I ADORE Sherlock and the new Star Wars and The Hunger Games ("Hickory, dickory, dock..." hehehe... yet another reason for the title... I'll rant about that in a sec...) but the original Star Wars came out in '77. I was born in '01. Which was the year the Fellowship of the Ring was released. 15 YEARS AGO! How can this be so long ago? Iron Man is now 9 years old. 9, count them, NINE YEARS!!

It seems like only two weeks ago Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out, and it turns out it was actually 2014. Which is now 3 YEARS AGO!! Where is the time going??


Sorry... Twitter. Ugh. I don't have a lot of time for Twitter (tick tock). Whatever.

Anyways... Running out of time... tick tock. It's now 7 minutes to 7 (haha two sevens... '77...        Star Wars... oh, whateverrrrr, it wasn't funny. XD)

I'm always running out of time. The weeks are too short. 7 days is not enough time to do stuff. I have classes twice a week; I have to do homework, turn it in over the course of 7 days and it's just not enough time!! NOPE! I'm lucky to have that long but it still isn't long enough. One week is not enough time to get ready for something to happen again in those 7 days! Like church. Or school. Or work. Or MONDAY, oh my gosh...!

Sighhhhhhh. Why can't weeks be 14 days long? Sunday... Sunday-and-a-half... Monday... Monday-and-a-half and so forth. That'd be nice... If only... sigh. -_- Whatever. 

Aaanyways... I'm just about done... but I aaaam gunna rant a little.  

Love to you all!




Okay, SO! "Tick tock" and "Hickory dickory dock" are all completely normal, innocent phrases unless of course you've seen the Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

OMGOSH I loved those movies. And those books!! I can't get stuck on that! I have a rant to finish!!

Ok. Here we go. Train of thought...hang on tight:

When someone makes a baseball bat...it's this nice, shiny, metal bat and when you hit the ball it practically sings. You're like, "Wow, Person, that's a super awesome baseball bat!" So they make a bunch of them... sell them... and then become known as the person who makes the awesome baseball bats.

Now, unfortunately, a bunch of creeps buy this particular baseball bat because it has this certain type of metal that's very hard and resonates well, and they want to crack some people over the heads with it. (Stick with me, people. I have a point!)

Well, these creeps end up beating up your little brother, or your little sister, depending on who you are. And they beat him/her up so badly that he/she dies in the ICU. (Stay, just a bit longer...)

So now you're mad. "These people killed my brother/sister, I'm gunna go kill them now." Right? So you go to your friend who makes the baseball bats, right? You say "Hey, dude. I need like fifty of those bats, I'm gunna go beat up some people, wanna come?" (Focus...almost there)

CORRECT? Does that make sense to everyone?? 

*SPOILER ALERT* aka The Point


That's like going to your friend the bat-maker and telling him, "Dude, some creep killed my brother with your bat, so I blame you... because you made the bat!" 

In what universe does that make any sense??? I mean really!! It's like "I'm fat so I'll blame the SPOONS!"

Okay. I am in no way shaming Katniss for having a "thing" against Gale. The bomb was heartless. It was designed to kill those who wanted to help those injured from first explosion.                            To Gale: That was just low, dude. Clever, but low.  

Katniss was totally justified. She was mad! It was her beloved sister! She was obviously            GRIEF-STRICKEN.

But Gale was ultimately innocent of Prim's blood. He didn't KILL her...He didn't technically kill anyone... it wasn't him any more than it was your friend, the bat-maker.

To me that makes total sense.

Conclude Rant.

Comment to let me know if you agree. :)