Without Further Ado... The Trip (pt. 1)

Hey Humans,

Been awhile! I should explain myself... nah. It's been a long   L  O  N  G   month and a half. I will go over some details of what you missed though.

Last month I went to the International Christian Retail Show. A convention for Christian vendors and especially book sellers/buyers. It was amazing and terrifying and fun and stressful all at once. I don't know if I can covey it. But I'm going to try. This is part one (I already said that, though...).

I hope you enjoy it

Also please tell me if you like the writing style ;)


She pulls herself out of bed. Dresses. Everything is packed. Breakfast, and then driving. She watches as the trees streak by and the sky fades into its strongest blue. She sits quietly in the back seat, two suitcases in the trunk, packed with books. Books which are filled with words she wrote... or did she really write them? Yes, but that must have been a dream.

The car slips through the trees, then the mountains, then the hills and valleys, and then finally the smog. Her feet are loud, scraping on the pavement at the San Francisco International Airport. Energy streaks up her fingertips, and reaches her neck. Anticipation and fear in a cocktail of nerves, but she hides it all away. Goodbyes to a father and sister, not nearly enough. The suitcases are heavy. Annoying... but minor. Security moves quickly, with its fair share of anxiety and frustration along with it, but ends soon. Shoes that were mandatorily removed are replaced on feet... Escalators. She has always feared escalators. Never had a very good reason.

Delays. An hour and half. Chocolate is definitely required for such situations. She waits, and eats... and texts. After all, she is a teenager. Finally boarding. Boarding group 4, middle seat, but she doesn't mind. She has her chocolate... and a computer that can type, and eyes that can read When Heaven Weeps. A Novel, by Ted Dekker. Her favorite author. The flight is five hours... She sighs, but it really won't matter. It'll be over soon.

Lifting off, she holds her breath. Of course, she knows how unlikely it is that the plane will malfunction, but there is always the chance. It doesn't malfunction, and soon she is in the air. Flying amid the clouds, marveling at how loud everything is inside the plane, when everything seems so peaceful outside, the clouds billowing and soft, traveling along an unseen globe above the earth, never sinking below it, yet piercing the air above, gently, whitely.

She writes, but barely. She reads, but barely. She doesn't eat. The plane has free wifi, but nothing seems to work on her phone or computer regardless. It isn't a big deal, the flight is only five hours.

The City, and the Hotel

Finally, the landing. Baggage claim. Down two escalators, around a corner, and up another. The fact stops her for a second... odd layout.  The suitcase, the walk outside, and the black Taxi Cab. Cincinnati, Ohio. The sunset is a rich purple mingled with a soft pink, dusted with puffy clouds. The greenery is robust, and the air balmy. But the natural beauty is somewhat dispelled by the city, which she supposes must have a beauty of its own, even if it is lost on her. She guesses she is just used to the country after all.

The hotel is magnificent. Spotless and glassy. Her room is on the nineteenth of twenty two floors.

*note: What can have two without one and number more than thirteen with only one more than twelve? Think about it and I'll tell you the answer at the end. ;)

The room is crisp, and the view is dizzying. Items that stood out included the chair, the toilet, and the mirror, and here is why. The chair was square. As such, she at first presumed it would be uncomfortable, regardless of the cushioning. She found the opposite to be true, and affectionately named it "The Square Chair". Lacking in imagination? Perhaps. She doesn't mind. Next, the toilet was absolutely alarming. The flush was so sudden and violent she might have actually jumped the first time she heard it. And finally, the mirror was huge and lighted all the way around. Her face seemed a different person in its eyes.

The shower she took was pleasant to say the least. The shower-head was gentle, and had various settings, one of which sprayed her mercilessly in the face. She laughed at herself for actually looking at the shower-head when she selected the "Jet" setting. Of course, nothing could go wrong there.

Tired (regardless of the three hour time change), and now clean, she fell between clean white sheets onto a soft bed with three pillows instead of two, and slept.


Okay, so I think that I'm going to conclude this entry here. I'll continue it soon. I owe it to you guys after such a long wait... I'll try to get part 2 in before next week, how's that? :)

Love to all.




Okay... that AIRPORT!! The one with the FIFTY BILLION ESCALATORS was really irritating. And very confusing!! So, I though walking IN ONE DIRECTION TO GET TO ONE DESTINATION THAT LIES IN ONE DIRECTION STRAIGHT AWAY FROM YOU was totally normal, but maybe that's just me...

Okay, I'm sure I missed something in Cincinnati, and there was some REASON for the vertical circle we had to walk, but I have yet to figure out what it was.

Would it NOT be easier to, instead of down two, up one... to just go down one?? Am I missing something obvious?

Oh well... It was confusing but we lived. Buildings are weird sometimes. OH! Speaking of! the answer to your riddle. I seriously almost forgot. 

The answer is hotel floors.

Hotels never have a floor Number One. It's always L for Lobby. And some (okay, not ALL but some...) exclude the Thirteenth for the more superstitious among their guests. Which is also weird, because just because they CALL the floor number fourteen... you're still ON the Thirteenth floor... Whatever.

Conclude rant.

Comment to let me know if you agree. :) (and if you guessed the riddle before I told you, hehe)

My Favorite Picture from the drive.

My Favorite Picture from the drive.