Without Regret

Hey Humans,

Long week for anyone? Yeah. Me too. I don't even know why. It wasn't like I did anything... what with it being Summer and all. Hehe.

Ever get that feeling... where you know that it's summer and you know that you have all this free time... and it's like denial. 


And of course, you do as the denial passes. But especially this year there has been (so far. Haha, it's been like a week) a lot of denial for me.

"Wait... I really can stay home?" Yep. It's summer.

"Hang on, are you serious?" Yeah... I just said it was summer. *yay*

"No homework... what's the catch?" Oh my gosh, there's no catch it's SUMMER!!

"Nah... you're pulling my leg." *sigh*....

"Wait, you're serious?" ...-_-...

I love summer. I really do. But anyone else ever feel like they run out of things to do? Feel like it's kinda a waste of time? I have those times... but they usually pass right before I jump into the pool. ;)

It's kinda hard to do nothing without regretting it, right? Especially right after summer starts and you're so used to using every second of your time and then you don't have to. It's bizarre. I don't like it! I want to be free and do all those awesome things that I now have time to do!

But I am...

In fact this weekend I'm going with my best friend to Fort Bragg! Woo Hoo!! ;D Everyone needs Fort Bragg sometimes, oh my gosh.

Okay! Anyway. Moving onto the without regret topic of today.

Without regret... I often dance in grocery stores to the music they play. Yep. Sometimes I dance to music in my head, even with the knowledge that no one can hear it. I do not care. I have no regrets about it. I think that dancing is fun. Especially when you don't have the slightest clue of how to do it and decide not to care. Note* that's me. I don't know how to dance. At all.

Without regret, I can say that I believe puppies are better than kittens (okay, maybe there's a liiiittle bit of regret... but I do stand by that).

Speaking of kittens... I have two strays living in my room. Yep. Now, instead of two cats and two dogs... well the dogs are now outnumbered 2 to 1. Sigh. And these little bundles of joy (ha. ha.) have been waking me up between 3 and 5 for the past FIVE DAYS.

Five days!! Not to mention the cat litter box is in my room, their food is in my room, and they get into my trash can and sleep on my bed!! Arg!!

But they're cute....

So I put up with it. Grr. Whatever. Without regret?? .... let's not push it.

Without regret I like great movies. Good movies are defined as: Action packed, or otherwise gripping. Must include but is not limited to: The Hero(s). The Hero's friend(s). The Normal Life Before The Problem. The Problem. Trying Fix The Problem. The One Mistake. The One Who Didn't Make It. The Grief... Fixing The Problem! The Race Against Time... And finally Success, most likely.

That is every movie. Like ever.

I didn't say I don't like those movies, because I do. And there is a reason: Humans like that formula. Or else movie makers wouldn't use it.

But there are other formulas which are fun! Great movies, for example, also have a formula of course. But they can be less easy to predict. They might include:

[OKAY WAIT!! For fun, PLEASE Read this in cliché Epic Voice Guy Voice, okay??]

Obscure Main Character. The Trivial Hobby. The Obscure Character's Friend(s). Character Development through The Normal Life, But Something Isn't Right. The Problem Discovered by Obscure Character And Friend(s). The MOMENT (which is basically "OH MY GOSH IT'S AN ALIEN WHAT DO WE DO?!?!?!?"). The Deliberation (figuring out what to do with said alien). The Division. (Obscure Main Character wants do to one thing... Friend or Friends want something else). The Change (something happens with Alien, and they have to pick one decision). The Decision (They Pick an Option. Usually, the Obscure Main Character's but not always). The Action (They do something. But it probably doesn't work). Obscure Main Character's Trivial Hobby; Reprise: Trivial Hobby becomes Suddenly Relevant as It Endows Obscure Main Character with Crucial Knowledge Which Probably Leads To... Realizing Alien's Purpose! Race to Help/Destroy Friendly/Hostile Alien. Lots of Dirt On Obscure Main Character's Face. Lots more On Obscure Main Character's Friends' Faces. The Dilemma (Something has to be done. But Someone will probably die). Obscure Main Character or Obscure Main Character's Even More Obscure Friend Agrees to Do The Something that Needs Doing. If Obscure Main Character Does The Something That Needs Doing... He Doesn't Die, But Gets More Dirt On His Face. If Obscure Main Character's Even More Obscure Friend Does It, He Probably Dies. But It Was All Worth It Because The Next Phase Is Success. :D

There. I have just broken down movies for you. Of course... this isn't every movie (because not all Great Movies are Alien movies) but it's pretty close. Even greater  movies have different formulas. And TV shows are an entirely different thing...

But I won't go into that.

The Point is, I know the formulas for movies and stories, and still, without regrets, love them. Because... well because I just do.

Anyways, this entry is long, so I'll conclude here.

Love to all. Comment below.



Formulas. There is a reason they exist and that's because they make good movies!! When you take that base formula and make your own flairs and twists... then you have an awesome movie. Only remember one rule!!

Steps are not to be skipped and skips are not to be stepped!

I watched a movie that bothered me. Not only was there no "Normal Life" Phase or "Character Development" but there was NO suspense. At all! It was frustrating. Really, I should have finished the movie to see if it was any good, but I was so irritated that I stopped. 

Sigh. Be Brave, Be Bold. Be new and exciting.

But there are steps for a reason!! We need those things to actually care about what happens to the characters. We want to be emotionally invested in the outcome! If there's no Character Development... then why do we care if Obscure Main Character's Even More Obscure Friend Dies?? I want to care.

So... new relies on the old. Exciting relies on the formula.

Skips are not meant to be stepped!

Conclude rant. Comment if you agree. ;)