Twenty Questions (No. I'm kidding, just five)

Hey Humans,

This is the blog entry where I ask my best friend five random questions about myself. The best friend in question is a Ms. Elizabeth Swan.

I'm kidding, obviously, but anyways...Say hi! "Hi..."

(But before that... My book is in print. TODAY!! I'm freaking out!! Anyways... next.)

The plan is to ask her questions about me so that you get her opinion and perspectives instead of mine. Because I'm sure me talking about myself wouldn't be nearly as interesting. 

Question Number One, and believe me, very important: What is your favorite thing about me? Just to get this straight. "I don't know." 

Ooookay then. Very specific, Ms. Swan, thank you for your info! Moving on. (Okay fine, she really said "Your sense of humor."... I don't know where she gets this idea, but okay!)

Question Number Two: What is the weirdest thing about me? (She basically has a written essay on this question). "You have a lot of strange weird things about you." She then proceeded to accuse me of eating dog biscuits... which I DO NOT!! Except for... maybe once!! "The way you randomly break out in song in the middle of a conversation."

Sigh... yeah, I do that sometimes...

Question Number Three: If you had to guess what five things I would grab out of my burning house, what would they be (assuming animals and people are safe)? "Ted Dekker Books." Very true... Books in general. "Your Star Wars stuff." Haha... maybe... ;) "Your Violin." Weird story about that actually... evacuating for a fire and I reeeaaally really really didn't want to grab my violin. NO clue why. Probably because grabbing it meant that I could probably lose the other things. Or maybe it was that I wanted to believe there was something more important to me than my music. But of course, I grabbed it, so maybe there isn't. "Your Bible." Yes. Me and Elizabeth have a matching set of Bibles. They're old Bibles and I love them. "Your laptop." Yep. I would grab my laptop. Because... first of all it's brand new and I don't want it to burn up, and second of all, I have a lot of writing on it that isn't saved anywhere else. I don't want that to burn up either.

She was pretty close on all of those. Except, when I was actually evacuating from a fire... I didn't grab books (*CRY*) or my Star Wars stuff (*sniffle*... but why??). But if i had been less freaked out I probably would have. I'd also probably grab my ukulele... But otherwise she was spot on. :)

Question Number Four: What is my favorite book or book series? (And to be clear, I'm asking her because I don't know the answer. She's protesting. But oh well. Hehe) "How can you ask me this if you can't answer it?! Grr." Yeah... this question is mean. But she'll answer it if I wait long enough... "The Books Of Mortals by Ted Dekker."

I can neither confirm nor deny this... But you should still read those books. ;)

The Final Question: What do I do that annoys you? "Biting your finger-nails!!"

Sigh... I'm working on that. Or I was... okay, I will be! Soon! Fine, I am... maybe... ;)

Okay, that's it for this part. 

Love to all. Thank you, Ms. Swan. Bye. "Bye."

-Helen (and Ms. Swan)



"Helen and I are co-authoring a book. And one of the only times we ever argue is when we are arguing over characters' appearances. For instance... Yesterday we were talking about a side character who is a white male, (Me: Is not. Well, he is male, but he's NOT WHITE!), has medium length, messy, brown hair (Me: NO!! That's SO NOT TRUE! He has ALMOST SHOULDER-LENGTH black hair. I have no idea what she's talking about) and is of average build (Me:... okay fine I agree)."

"This has happened before, but Helen has returned from the dark side (Me: Okay, fine... the ONE TIME this happened before, it turned out I was wrong. Whatever). I'm pretty sure she'll come to see the light again this time (Me: Nope. Because this time I'M TOTALLY RIGHT!!)."

Conclude Rant. Comment below.